Every year, Campus France Thailand helps more than 600 students who wish to study in France, serving as a bridge between Thai and French universities.

What do we do?

CampusFrance Thailand is the first point of contact for Thai students interested in studying in France. We assists Thai students who wish to pursue academic projects at an institution of higher education in France

Since 2001, our office has been helping Thai students to identify suitable programs, find the right institution and prepare their application. CampusFrance Thailand is also in charge of the promotion of French higher education in the country.

Who are our partners?

Campus France Thailand is a service provided by the French Embassy in Thailand to promote French higher education system to students and education stakeholders in Thailand.

Campus France Thailand works in close collaboration with Thai colleges and universities, major national and international education organizations based in the Thailand and of course, French higher education institutions.

These collaborations enable us to provide up-to-date information about studying in France, to facilitate the application process, and to serve as a bridge between French and Thai universities.