PhD proposal and Postdoctoral position at University and INSEA Rouen in the Physic department !

For the next academic year (October 2013) at Université et INSA de Rouen in the Physic department, we have 4 PhD projects and 2 Post-doc positions ready for employment. 

Université et INSA de Rouen in the Physic department are currently advertising for the good candidate. The candidate must have the basic on physic, optic, fluid mechanic. The student from department of physic science is the best, but it can be also from mechanical engineer or chemical engineer.


* PhD proposals :


- Application of Underwater Digital holography to vortex measurements.

- Extension of ILIDS technique to the 3D characterization of field of irregular particles: application to sedimentation.

- Development of optical techniques to characterize droplet at sub- and super-critical pressure.

- Study of 3D vortex dynamics using holography technique


* Postdoctoral position subjects :


- Development of a processing strategy and associated software to quantify droplets and irregular particles in clouds.

- Experimental validation of an optical sensor devoted to the measurement of Super-cooled Large Droplets.



For any information please contact Campus France or Dr. Sawitree Saengkaew :

Dr.Sawitree Saengkaew
CNRS CDD research engineer (optics) 
Responsible for Franco-Thai Collaboration
Tél. 02 32 95 37 42