Call for Application : MACLAND Erasmus Mundus Master of Cultural landscapes

ERASMUS MUNDUS master program

MACLAND is a programme about sustainable management and enhancement of cultural landscapes. The programme lasts 2 years and takes place between the universities of St Etienne (France), Naples (Italy) and Tomar (Portugal).


Admission requirements : Students must at least have a first higher education degree (Bachelor’s degree) in either Humanities (social and human sciences), law, economics, psychics, chemistry, or an equivalent diploma in architecture, art and design, heritage and landscape, or engineering.


Registration fees

Non-European students :   7500 EUR/years (Financial help for 3900 EUR refunded to selected students)


Application deadline

 31st January 2012: deadline for students who ask for scholarship 

30th April 2012: deadline for students who do not ask for financial help


Further information, particularly concerning registration fees and financial helps can be found on our website: