Manlika Siriwetwarawut, France

          I  decided  to  apply  for  the  French  pastry  7  months  program  at  Gastronomicom  International Culinary Academy because of 3 main reasons. Firstly, the academy is located in France, one of the most well-known countries for  pastry  not  to  mention  the  beautiful  scenic  view  of Mediterranean  and  the south of France. As most of the people know, if you would like to create a good master piece, you will need the inspiration and I thought I would find it by traveling around Europe.  Secondly, this program is enable me not only to gain knowledge in the classroom but also to havethe practical experience in a real French gastronomic restaurant which is almost impossible if you take a pastry course in Thailand. For the last reason, it is value for money and reasonable price since I could have free accommodation and during the 4 months internship the employer will provide the room, the meals and some amount of salary.

          When I was arriving in Agde, it is a very small and quiet city and the school is located in the area of  a  nice  resort  nearby  the  beach.  Four  students  have  to  share  the  room  which  is  consisted  of  2 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen. In addition, we can take a bus just in front of the residence to go to a very huge supermarket and also the small supermarket in the resort in case you need something in hurry as well as a few supermarkets nearby the port which takes only 15 minute walk. That makes the life there quite comfortable. Furthermore, you will have a chance to broaden your horizon as there are the people from all over the world so you will not learn only French cuisine or French pastry but you will have the great times to exchange culture and share the ideas about the food and dessert from your country.

          For  the  courses,  I  have  chosen  pastry  so  in  each  day  there  are  3  hours  of  pastry  class  and another 3 hours of  French lesson. The French teachers are very good in their job  but the thing that impressed me is the way they treat the students, it is like they are our parents. They always give good advices and wish us the best. On the other hand, the pastry chef, he is a very good chef and has many experiences. Although he is very strict and disciplined but I feel grateful for that because it is very useful when you are in the real kitchen.