Sirinan Kulchat, France

           My name is Sirinan Kulchat. After graduating from Buakhao High School in Kalasin province, I was granted a scholarship from the Junior Science Talents Project (JSTP) for my scientific research. I obtained the bachelor and master degrees in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, one of the most renowned universities in Thailand. Recently, I have been granted a joint scholarship from the French Government and Khonkean University to pursue my doctoral degree at the University of Strasbourg, majoring in Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Lehn who received the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1987.
          Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace region in the Northeastern of France and is most widely known for hosting a number of European institutions for instance European Parliament and European Court of Human rights. It is the border city between Germany bisected by the river Rhine.  Strasbourg is a popular tourist destination primarily thanks to its beautifully preserved and friendly city center.
           My PhD study at University of Strasbourg began in 2011. It is a fabulous opportunity to obtain the scholarships to study here. Initially, I have to learn how to adapt myself to living here as well as how to communicate with the people here. I live in a dormitory of University. I have made friends from many countries. The room is very small; the total area in the room is 9 m2. However, in the apartment, it composed of the center kitchen for cooking. I usually cook in the kitchen and my friends became interested in Thai foods. Then, I sometime cooked for them to taste Thai foods. They told me that Thai foods are very delicious. Moreover, I have my close Thai friends here approximately 5-6 people; we can help each other when we experience some problems.
          Especially, it is a very great opportunity for me to have a supervisor as Nobel Laureate. He is an understanding person and is very kind to me. He teaches me how to conduct my research very well. He said that I have to gain knowledge by myself by doing many experiments and learn from mistakes. He teaches me to be a diligent and curious person to create several new ideas for scientific projects. Luckily, my colleagues are very nice; they help me every time I need help. Most of my colleagues are postdoctoral researchers. They give me some advice on how to perform research in a great way. Therefore, I can practice my laboratory skills as much as I can.
          Finally, I can certainly say that obtaining an opportunity to study aboard has taught me to be more mature and to love myself. I can learn how to take care of myself both in my private and studying lives. As a result, experience has taught me to be a patient person in order to achieve my goals. Moreover, I have to open my mind to several new experiences from here. I would like to inform the people who are interested in studying aboard to keep an open mind to learning new things. Importantly, if you have problems or confront with difficulties, please keep arising and going on. It is just the lessons to prove that we are going to be a strong person and finally we will obtain great success in the future time.