August 20th
Meet the head of cooperation and alumni from Nantes University. Practicle information and useful tips.

Meet the Director of the Institute of Economics and Management - Institute of Business Administration and alumni from Nantes University, on July 20th, 2012 at 16.30 pm. at CampusFrance Desk-French Embassy CAT Building Floor 23rd, Charoenkrung, Bangrak Bangkok.


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Academic offer in Nantes

Life sciences, health and medical technology

  • Fundamental Biology, Bioengineering
  • Plant Biology, Marine Biology, Ecology
  • Medicine and Medical Technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry

Economics and Management

  • Economics and Economic Policy
  • Business Administration and Organizational Management
  • Logistics Engineering, International Logistics, Transportation, Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Marketing, International Trade

 Humanities and Social Sciences, Letters, Languages and Art

  • Psychology, Cognition, Education
  • History, Art History, Archaeology, History of Law, History of Science and Technology
  • Physical and Human geography, Urban Development
  • Sociology
  • Classical and Modern Letters, Philosophy
  • Information, Communication, Multimedia, Publishing, Documentary Resources
  • Language, Applied Foreign Languages,
  • Languages and Civilizations; French as a Foreign

 Exact Sciences, Engineering and Technology

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering
  • Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering
  • Fundamental and Applied Mathematics
  • Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Energy Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Photonics
  • Earth Sciences , Planetary Sciences, Geosciences

 Legal and Political Science

  • Private Law, Public Law, Business Law, Real Estate
  • Law; Criminal Science, State and Local Government
  • Law and Intellectual Property Law
  • Labour Law and Human Resources Management
  • Political Science
  • International and Community Law

 Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Law-Applied Foreign Languages
  • Culture, Territories, Networks
  • Sport, Health, Society
  • Health, Social Work, Health Management
  • Food Industry, Nutrition
  • Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • Sustainable Development and Environment

Research in Nantes

Research is a major growth sector for Université de Nantes, with 75 accredited laboratories. As an innovative force, the University has research agreements with industry and shares its discoveries with the society at large.

1560 professors and researchers !


Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

  • Biology, Biotechnology, Health
  • Ecosystems, Recyclable Substances

Letters, Languages, Human and Social Sciences

  • Standards, Economics, Management, Societies
  • Letters, Languages and Humanities

Exact Sciences and Technologies

  • Matter, Molecules, Materials
  • STIC, Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Planets, Earth, Environment

Research programs in thematic post-graduate schools

  • Biology, Medical Research and Applications
  • Science and Technology
  • Letters, Languages, Human and Social Sciences


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International students : Learning french at the university of Nantes

You can learn and improve your knowledge in the French language and civilisation at the university of Nantes at the Research and higher education Institute for French as a foreign language (IRFFLE).

Courses are reserved for citizens of non-French-speaking countries, holders of the French baccalaureate or a diploma accepted as equivalent to the French baccalaureate. The minimum age is 18. If you do not fulfil those conditions, you must ask the President of the university of Nantes for a special exemption.

For further information:

  •  Semi-annual full-time courses (€770 per semester) : 18 hours per week
  • semi-annual support courses (€203 per semester, free for Erasmus students): 4 hours per week over 10 weeks (40h).
  • preparation for DELF and DALF (€100) :  2 hours per week during 9 weeks
  • Intensive summer courses : 50 hours over two weeks, from July to September.
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