Call for application: Joint Supervision doctoral program: "Modélisation et systèmes complexes"

The University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), in partnership with IADR, has launched an international doctoral program; "Modélisation et systèmes complexes"

It aims to finance and support PhD students enrolled under Joint Supervision program between UPMC and the developing countries.

Its area are multidisciplinary, focusing in particular on the use of modeling complex systems to solve problems of management and development of resources and environments especially in the developing countries with problematic:

·  Health and Epidemiology,
·  Management of renewable resources (biodiversity, fisheries, forests, plantations),
·  Urban and regional dynamic
·  Ecosystems dynamics (terrestrial natural environments).

> Application deadline: September 1, 2012.

Application and informaton available on the website of UPMC.