Engineering : The "n + i" to announce the opening of the recruitment campaign 2012-2013

Hello to you all,


The “n+i” network master’s courses are directed at engineering students and young engineers with a first degree (or a qualification considered equivalent by the “n+i” network).

The “n+i” network and its members take sole charge of assessing the correspondence of your country’s credits with European credits and their relevance to the course you are applying for.

In 90% of cases, the M1 and M2 parts each comprise two periods of equal length, known as M1a and M1b, M2a and M2b. In some cases candidates will be required to take a special course over the summer which is part of the overall degree.

In 2012, schools in the "n + i" welcomed over 200 international students for either an engineering degree or a Master.


Among the new features we can note:

· A welcoming process in France more suited to the needs of students and schools with a simple and direct transfer to the training centers with still our VIP treatment of 4 days with sightseeing, bank accounts opening, conferences.... ,

· Training of engineers,

· A PhD program,

Registrations will end November 18, 2012 for Session 1 (candidates for Eiffel scholarships, etc..) And March 17, 2013 for Session 2. A third session ending April 21, 2013 will be strictly limited to students who can demonstrate a B2 level of French who do not need French courses offered in the summer and who will then arrive in September

Students will receive offers online from schools in December 14, 2012 for Session 1 and April 12, 2013 for Session 2.


The "n + i" open immediately after September 3, 2012, its recruitment campaign from 2012 to 2013 via its website updated.