France has a great history of architecture and landscaping. Be aware that most of the classes are taught in French.

ENSA (Ecoles Nationales Supérieures d’Architecture): several degrees in architecture

Higher national schools of architecture train more than 90% of future architects. There are 20 schools (including 6 in Parisian region), they prepare the DEA (Bachelor in architecture), then in DE (State Diploma in architecture) which gives the title of Architect.

There is also the opportunity for graduates to prepare the HMONP which entitled to to exercise in private (1 year), or continue PhD (3 years). Despite a common program, each school of architecture cultivates its specialty. For example: urban project, rehabilitation of heritage ... Inquire before enrolling. Some ENSA own award degrees in specialized areas such as design. Each school organizes its own recruitment. The science graduates are the most numerous, but the scientific background is not required for admission.


INSA (Institut National Supérieur d’Architecture) : double degree engineer and architect

The (INSA) in Strasbourg is a public engineering school. It offers an annual forty seats in architecture. Possibility of double degree engineer and architect. The training lasts four years and leads to the architectural degree. Applicants must provide evidence of a higher education science: 1st year of preparation (math sup) or first year of bachelor = license (L1). Graphics tests, written exams  in French, math and physics, followed by interviews.


ESA Paris: a recognized private school In Paris

The Special School of Architecture awards a diploma (DESA) recognized by the State that allows students to enroll in the College of Architects. Training is available in 5 years after graduating.


Schools for landscape architects

There are four schools that specialize in landscape design and green spaces. One is the ESAJ (Graduate School of landscape gardening) in Paris. Its training in four years may be supplemented by one year at the University to pursue a master. Three schools prepare landscape architect diploma (DPLG), in 3 years:  the ENSP (National School of landscape) in Versailles and the EAP (schools of architecture and landscape) in Bordeaux and Lille. 



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