France has the particular feature to have engineering schools called 'Ecoles d'ingénieurs'. These are distinguished by a particular selection at the entrance and a small staff. The studies last five years in total and lead to an engineering degree (also conferring the rank of Master).

France is famous for the quality of its engineering programs.

The nation's engineering programs combine rigorous training in science with practical training in engineering. The close relations between France's engineering schools and the business world enhance the quality and relevance of the instruction students receive. 

There are more than 250 schools of engineering in France. To award a diploma in engineering, which automatically entitles the holder to a Master’s-level status, a school must be accredited by the French Commission on Engineering Degrees (CTI). Specialized programs are also available at the Bac+5 and post-doctoral levels. Engineering schools that belong to the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) are able to offer “Specialized Master’s Degrees” (Ms).  


How can I enter an engineering program?

Students are admitted to engineering schools on the basis of their application or their performance on an entrance examination or other tests.

Annual tuition in France's public schools of engineering is approximately €500.

If you are not in an exchange program, you must pick up an application from the school starting in March of the year prior to your desired year of entry. You will receive the final response starting in July or September. Each school has its own application procedures, however. You may be admitted at different stages: some schools are open only to students having completed two years of preparatory classes – scientific, technological or biological – and based on competitive exam. Others are open to all students immediately after the Baccalaureate, by application or after a few years of studies. Ask the Comité d’études sur les formations d’ingénieurs (CEFI),, or Conseil national des ingénieurs et des scientifiques de France (CNISF), Whichever the school, you will need a high level of scientific education to be accepted. 


Research in schools of engineering

Some of France's engineering schools confer doctorates in engineering. Research training is provided in the school's research labs, usually in cooperation with universities and national research bodies.


If you are interested in studying engineering, you can take an appointment with our team which will explain you more about the schools of engineering in France.