Nonthapat PULSIRI

For my perspective toward ESC Dijon, there are many things that I love. First of all, Thai students are very good in theory, however we need a real practice. This school helps widening my vision and think into a real world. I would like to say thank you to all professors especially Prof.Ingham and Prof.Sander in the reason that they are very helpful and I can really apply the knowledge into my business plan now. In brief, I appreciate all the professors in this school.

I appreciate the coursework and I believe that students from faculty of engineering and faculty of commerce and accountancy can study here with great professors happily.

Professors and school staff are very helpful. Thai people who live in Dijon are very kind and warm. Foods and cultures are marvelous especially classical music and wines. I love sitting in a library or a computer room reading and searching for information. I really love the librarians and their kindness. I advise to all the students to not give up, focus on your study and if possible study comes first above all. You can contact with Thai student Association in Paris, there are many activities to enjoy and there are many conferences in the international level like with the cooperation with UNESCO. For me, I find my French business partner in Paris and I will come back to visit the School again when I am successful and being accepted worldwide.

Nonthapat PULSIRI (Thailand), MSc International Business Development, 2011-2012.