Nutthasiri Tantipoj
Hello everybody!

My name is Nutthasiri Tantipoj or Poy as a nickname.
I've finished my Master Degree from Strasbourg University, majoring in Teaching french as a foreign language.
The reason why I chose Strasbourg is Strasbourg is my favorite place.  I had a chance once visiting Strasbourg and I loved in it. Even more, Strasbourg is a border of Germany and Switzerland that I could travel easily.
Firstly, I took a language course for about one year, then applied for a Master Degree.
In the first time, the course works are so hard and difficult.  I sometimes couldn't catch up the class. Especially, I was the only thai in the class. So, I had to put a lot of effort and be very patient. Fortunately, my foreign friends were so nice. They helped each others very well.
Here, I could say that although the study were really hard, it was such a valuable time for my three years in France, since 2008.  I got a lot of experiences. I learnt how to live by myself and adapt to new environments. And also, I got many new friends from various countries all over the world.
In case that you guys are thinking about the countries to study. Don't forget to consider about France as your choice.